"Wonderful polka-dot pop that would sound as good in our smart phone as it would playing from your nan's vintage transistor." - BBC Introducing.

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1. Feels just like I'm 17 again

2. Holes in my tights

3. Under the influence of love

4. Thrill of it all

5. Walking through the streets of our love

The Thrill Of It All

1. You've got that feeling

2. Won't get any of that from me

3. Sing for my sanity

4. There's nothing like it

5. One for good


From my heart to yours

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1. Shock to the system

2. Sing for my sanity

3. I'm only secomds away

4. At least I know where my shoes are

5. I must have fallen in love

6. Lucky

Live at the Halfmoon Unplugged

Trains Go Cha Cha

1. Me and Delilah

2. Shipwrecked

3. Secret lemonade drinker

4. Take me home

5. And the things you said

6. Skinned alive

7. Will I be the same

8. Strange red afternoon

9. Clean cut

10. Happy ending

11. At least I know where my shoes are

Shock to the System

You've got that Feeling



1. Shock to the system




1. You've got that feeling



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natalie Ross font website

Natalie's new project with the group The 54321s.